Ukraine – Processes to simplify trade procedures identified

In January 2020 the Alliance launched the new Trade Facilitation Project in Ukraine together with the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture (MEDTA) and Ukrainian Customs. All stakeholders now engage in a co-creation process to further specify those trade processes to be simplified within the project. On the side of the private sector global and local companies are involved including BASF, DHL, Metro, and Bosch.

The objective of the project is to achieve time and cost reductions for the private sector as well as simplified and uniform processes for government institutions. Stakeholders have identified four potential processes for further cooperation:

  • Simplification of customs procedures (e.g. document simplifications and uniform requirements regarding the presentation of originals).
  • Simplification for postal and courier services (e.g. improvement of notification processes between express couriers and customs).
  • Transport simplification (e.g. accepting the document “International Carriage of Goods by Road” (CMR) instead of national transport documents).
  • Control simplification (e.g. the regulation for wood packaging).

In a next step, the processes outlined above will be compared and contrasted to international best practices mainly focusing on standard EU procedures. Based on this information, the Ministry jointly with public and private stakeholders will develop a plan on how to effectively adapt processes in order to achieve the desired results.