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Montenegro: Cooperation Agreement to Set the Ground for Electronic Pre-Arrival Data Exchange

The project in Montenegro focuses on the introduction of Pre-Arrival Processing (PAP) of data for risk assessment purposes for postal and maritime shipments. Together the main project partners Revenue and Customs Administration (RCA) and the Post of Montenegro reached the next milestone: they aligned the provisions that will set the legal ground for the electronic pre-arrival data exchange[1] and define closer cooperation and communication.  The German Alliance for Trade Facilitation organized a three-day workshop in Kolasin, Montenegro to enable this open working meeting between RCA and the Post of Montenegro and support preparation of Cooperation Agreement.  

A modern type of Cooperation Agreement is being drafted carefully, taking into consideration the latest guidelines by the World Customs Organization and Universal Postal Union. It is also based on the specificities and needs of the partners. Such an Agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of both parties, sets the rules for data exchange, risk management and physical controls. It also creates the crucial basis for cross educational activities and joint operational planning of working hours, office spaces and comunication channels with clients.

The preparation of this Agreement was done in close cooperation with the project of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which aims to prevent illegal movement of weapons and drugs through the postal channels. It is jointly agreed that the Agreement will be signed in September.

The event also offered the opportunity for presentation of customs simplifications such as the Authorised Economic Operators program to the Post of Montenegro. It was received with great interest.

[1] The PAP system is currently being developed.