9th Working Meeting of the German Alliance on Digitalisation and Trade

Lively debates, in-depth expert discussions, plenty of energy and a very good atmosphere made our working meeting on 23 and 24 March, the third of our meetings to be held virtually, a great success. In the course of two mornings, over 30 Alliance partners shared their views on new project ideas, initiatives and other relevant trade-related issues.

Together, the participants…

… adopted the Alliance’s new strategy and discussed the focus for the next few years. There are also specific initiatives to conduct impact studies in selected projects and define successful approaches for scaling up.

… presented and discussed the results of the ideas competition in brief project pitches. A total of seven new projects were proposed for three regions: Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Some of the ideas offered the opportunity of being incorporated directly into existing German Alliance projects. Other proposals open up the possibility of initiating new project countries for the Alliance and will now be examined in further detail.

… explored relevant trade issues in the current global context. The participants grouped together in six virtual rooms to make use of the network and the platform of the working meeting to engage in further-reaching expert discussions. For example, they spoke about the challenges brought about by Brexit, placed the new Supply Chain Act in context and discussed the connection between trade and the climate.

We welcomed two new companies and two new contacts from existing partners to our working meeting. During the meeting, too, the position of Head of Secretariat was formally handed over to Ms Nurjamal Bokoeva. Nurjamal has been a member of the team since November 2020 and is an expert with over 20 years of experience in international development cooperation. After three years working with the Alliances, Philipp Kruschel will now switch to a new project within GIZ.

The Alliance’s next working meeting will take place in the third quarter of 2021. All those interested in taking part should contact the Secretariat via tradefacilitation@giz.de for more information.