11th Working Meeting of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation

The working meetings of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation thrive on professional exchange, joint ideas, and great commitment of the partners. After a long period of virtual formats, this year’s spring meeting was marked by personal encounters. More than 20 partners came together in a hybrid format. A part of them met at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Eschborn.

The participants exchanged on the following topics during the event:

Ideas Competition 2022

Five new project ideas were presented for the regions Africa and South America. Some ideas are being examined whether they can be integrated into existing structures and projects within the German Alliance and GIZ. Partners selected another idea as a possible new project country. This proposal will be examined further in the next months.

Ongoing and Upcoming Activities

In the ideas competition from the previous year, partners discussed starting points for a new project in Serbia. After detailed scoping, the project is now in preparation. The focus will be on simplifications for ‘Authorized Economic Operators’ (AEO) and on the pre-arrival customs clearance system for postal consignments.

Additionally, participants exchanged ideas on capacity development measures.. The previous ideas competition gave the impulse for this as well. The approach is actively supported by the network and will be further elaborated.

The secretariat provided an outlook on the upcoming High Level Forum in September 2022. The thematic focus will be on the -African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and Digitalisation.

Current Global Challenges in Trade

The participants in Eschborn had an exchange with Ulrich Höcker, Head of Sectoral Department (FMB) – Economic and Social Development, Employment. Mr Höcker highlighted thematic areas of GIZ’s work in the nexus of politics and business. Partners shared opinions on their existing challenges and found common intersections. In particular,  current disruptions in the global supply chains are occupying the public and private sector alike.

The next Working Meeting will take place in autumn 2022. If you are interested in our projects and work, please contact the Secretariat via tradefacilitation@giz.de.

Photo credit: Tristan Vostry